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September 9, 2008 at 8:57 AM

Q&A with Derrik Gibson

Derrik Gibson was a 2008 second round draft out of Seaford High School in Delaware. After making his professional debut for the GCL Red Sox, he was promoted to the Lowell Spinners for their late season playoff-push. Recently, Jonathan Singer of the SoxProspects.com staff had a chance to catch up with Gibson in the Spinners dugout prior to a game against Tri-City.

Jonathan Singer: What has been the biggest transition since you have started pro baseball?
Derrik Gibson: Probably just the everyday ins-and-outs and playing a game every single day. Coming from high school, you have a game maybe two days a week, and now you have games all the time - so you have to get your body use to not being fatigued.

JS: What have been some of the things the Red Sox have initially been working on with you since you signed?
DG: So far it has been my hitting, especially my swing. I think you can always work on hitting - even when you go 4 for 4 or 0 for 4. But my hitting is definitely a work in progress right now.

JS: Give us a self scouting report of yourself.
DG: I am definitely a player that uses my speed to try to get on base in order to make things happen. Right now, I know that my fielding can improve, as well as my hitting. In order to work on improving as a hitter, my goal is to try to hit the ball more towards center field and right field.

JS: What are your off-season plans?
DG: I want to really hit the weight room hard. I’m only 170 pounds, so by hitting the weight room, I think I will be able to go longer and deeper into the season without being fatigued. The goal is to be able to gain more power and more stamina in order to prepare for a full season in the organization.

JS: You were planning on attending North Carolina. Tell us the process of signing with the Red Sox over playing college baseball, and what went into that thought process?
DG: It definitely had its pros and cons. One of the things about the Red Sox is they have a tradition, and you hear so much about the organization and how great it is. Just looking at the major league roster and seeing so many guys that actually came up through the organization was exciting. It shows you the Red Sox have a system of player development that has worked, and that was a big reason that I signed. Looking at North Carolina, I was looking at getting an education and developing as a baseball player in the ACC. But thinking it over, the Red Sox gave me the best chance to reach the big leagues, because of the fact it is a great organization to play for. I really thought that they would give me the best chance to develop as a player.

JS: Since you have come to Lowell you have played 2B, SS, 3B. How difficult has it been to move around the diamond?
DG: The most difficult part of it is knowing what you are doing on every play at each position. At times it has not been too hard, because when I was in the Gulf Coast League they filtered me around just like up here. However, other times it can be a challenge knowing what to do on each play - but its fun and I am still trying to learn and get better.

JS: Were you surprised to get the call to Lowell so late in the season?
DG: I was definitely surprised. Coach Tomlin down in the Gulf Coast League told me three hours before my flight left and I was ecstatic. There were so many emotions flowing, and I knew Lowell had a shot of getting into the playoffs. Now that we clinched a couple of nights ago, it is an unbelievable feeling. Just being part of a playoff team is an experience of its own, and I’m looking to contribute in any way that I can.

JS: Even though you have been in Lowell a short time, which of your teammates has impressed you the most?
DG: I would have to say that the player that really impressed me the most was Luis Sumoza - even though he was recently traded. He’s pretty ridiculous. From gap to gap he could drive the ball, and actually the first game that I was here against Brooklyn, he threw a runner out from the warning track. It was just amazing seeing him play, but I think everyone is just tremendous and I think you can learn something from every single player.