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October 22, 2013 at 2:50 PM

Xander Bogaerts Prospect Retrospective

Xander Bogaerts has reportedly been installed as having 15-1 odds to win the World Series MVP this year, and we've heard many writers comment that that bet would be a great value proposition. 
Could anybody have pegged that as even a one-in-a-million possibility a year ago?  But here we are, the Red Sox slated to start Game 1 of the Word Series on Wednesday night, and Bogaerts primed to play a big role in the series. It's the essence of what makes baseball -- and following prospects on their climb up the minor league ladder -- so riveting.  

Bogaerts' story may be new to many on the national stage, but here at SoxProspects we've been covering the Aruban phenom in depth for years. Here's a cross section of some of our coverage on Bogaerts over the years:

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