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SoxProspects News

February 8, 2012 at 2:11 PM

Announcement: Twitter change in @SoxProspects account

Just a quick announcement for those who follow us on Twitter: We've done some tweaking to our Twitter lineup. Last night, the account that used to be @SoxProspects, which had been something of a hybrid between the site's official Twitter account and the personal account of site Editor-in-Chief Mike Andrews, became @MikeAndrewsSP, which will now be Mike's personal account. We have created a new account, @SoxProspects, which will be the official Twitter feed for the website.

For the visual learners out there:
Before                      | Now                           
(old) @SoxProspects | @MikeAndrewsSP
(nothing)                   | (new) @SoxProspects

Sorry if this is a bit confusing, but we hope that you will all add the new @SoxProspects account! Special thanks to our new Social Media Specialist, J.P. Kitson, who is helping us implement some new and exciting stuff with Twitter and our Facebook page.

(A note from Chris: I'm going to be writing a piece about Twitter that will include a list of the staff's respective Twitter accounts, as well as lists of accounts for Red Sox and general prospect news and for the Sox prospects themselves, so keep an eye out for that soon!)