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SoxProspects News

August 18, 2021 at 7:19 AM

SoxProspects.com Redesign

Hello to all of our readers! This morning we launched a newly-redesigned SoxProspects.com home page. It’s been in the works for a couple months and we’re really excited about it. Please take a look at soxprospects.com when you get a chance. (You may need to refresh your browser). As with any redesign, we expect that some of you will be really jazzed about it off the bat, while some of you will be bummed that we changed the look-and-feel that we’ve all been accustomed to for almost 18 years. Some of the testers felt that way initially but pretty much everyone eventually came around to liking the new design much better. From our perspective, here are some of the benefits of the new design:

  • Organizes concepts into “cards” - we have the ability to add, remove, and move cards as we like
  • Cleaner & more modern look and feel with more consistent fonts and bigger font sizes, nixing the blue background and the grey/white zebra striping which is hard to maintain & update. 
  • Puts 1-60 rankings onto the home page
  • Increases size & quality of brand new player thumbnail photos 
  • Adds some more interesting graphics
  • More mobile friendly, more adaptable for different screen sizes
  • More & better room for stats, data, and news links
  • The left and right columns are wider and taller, making room for an improved Twitter feed, news feed, and forum feed
  • Some interesting new cards included updated Graduated Prospects; a breakout of the Lists pages; a new podcast card with links to our podcast on Patreon, Libsyn, SP News, Apple, Spotify, and Stitcher; and a new social media card with updated graphics.
  • Moves the top menu from graphics to text. Makes it much easier to change & update. Easier to read and for search engines to cache. More ADA accessible and compliant. More concise set of links, limited to our most popular links.
  • Removes some old legacy code that dated all the way back to 2003, some of which was no longer operative. 
Because we have limited time to dedicate to the overhaul, we will be rolling this design to other pages on the site over time, as opposed to all at once. We expect that the Transactions and Team Rosters pages will be next in line in the next few days (or possibly weeks). For what it's worth, we expect that the top banner will be reappearing somewhere soon!