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February 12, 2021 at 3:17 PM

Podcast Ep. #202: I’m going to send that link to you

Beware the tenth of February. The Emergency podcast horn is blaring again. Andrew Benintendi is now a Kansas City Royal. Chris and Ian break down the trade to discuss what we know now and what we won’t know for a little while. They break down why the Sox went in the direction of the multiple players to be named later. After recording this episode, the front office made another move and Chris and Ian got back on the line to record their thoughts on that signing as well as the other offseason moves. We take a quick stroll through the mailbag. And finally, Chris and Ian pay heartfelt tributes to Ron Johnson and Pedro Gomez.

0:00 - Intros, housekeeping, email us and remember to check us out on Patreon
2:00 - Benintendi traded
37:00 - Marwin Gonzalez signs
48:15 - More offseason news
50:00 - Mailbag
59:15 - RIP Ron Johnson and Pedro Gomez

We also want to thank our in-residence musical guest, The Ludlow Thieves. Check them out on YouTube and Spotify.

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