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SoxProspects News

December 1, 2019 at 11:05 AM

Help Wanted: Scouting Report Manager, Web Editor, Social Media Specialist

We are opening three new positions at SoxProspects.com! For each of these positions, we're seeking a commitment through the end of 2020, but ideally we are looking for someone who will want to stick around with us for the long-term if there’s a mutual fit. Here are the details of the positions:

Scouting Report Manager. A member of our Scouting Team, the Scouting Report Manager will review a subset of our scouting reports each week for accuracy, recency, grammar, and formatting, and work with the rest of the Scouting Team to update those reports as needed. Other responsibilities may include: (1) maintaining the public scouting log; (2) turning updated Scouting Reports into columns on SoxProspects News; and (3) scouting Red Sox affiliate games. We anticipate that the time commitment for this position could be roughly 2-4 hours per week. 

Web Editor (Content Specialist). A member of the web editing team, the Web Editor (Content Specialist) will be responsible for: (1) aggregating news articles about Red Sox prospects on a daily basis; (2) working with the News staff to ensure those links are included in our weekly notes posts; and (3) updating SoxProspects.com to post those links to our rankings pages each morning. We anticipate that the time commitment for this position will be roughly 15-20 minutes per day. Interested applicants could also branch out into other areas. 

Social Media Specialist (Game Time). The SMS will join our existing social media team and will take lead responsibility for live-posting intriguing content during Red Sox affiliate games. The overall time commitment will vary. We’re really looking for someone that follows those games regularly and is generally available to tweet in the evenings – it doesn’t need to be every day, but the more interest and availability, the better. The SMS could also contribute by starting posts on the SoxProspects Forum to drive interesting conversations. 

Side note - it’s possible we could also open up one more position on the SoxProspects News staff in December. That’s still being worked out. 

  • Familiarity with SoxProspects.com and the Red Sox minor league system
  • Availability and interest
  • A perfunctory understanding of baseball stats
  • Some experience (direct or analogous) similar to the position applied for
  • Attention to detail
  • Professional attitude and approach
  • Someone who can work on their own without much hand holding or oversight. To be upfront, we all work remotely, there’s minimal face-to-face interaction, and we all have real jobs separate from the site. 

We don’t want to toot our own horn, but we think these openings are great opportunities to gain experience in the sports field! Members of the SoxProspects staff have gone on to write for ESPN.com, MLB.com, MiLB.com, the Baltimore Sun, and Baseball Prospectus, among other outlets! Others have gone on to become part owners of the site!

These are volunteer positions, as are all positions on the SoxProspects.com staff. If you are interested in applying, please email info@soxprospects.com, preferably including a resume and a basic overview of your skills and experience with respect to the Requirements outlined above. We look forward to hearing from you! Unlike past years, we don’t have a set timeline to fill these positions – we’re just waiting for the right candidates. Apologies in advance that we might not be able to personally respond to every applicant. Thanks to everyone for their interest!