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SoxProspects News

March 15, 2019 at 12:00 AM

Introducing Patreon Game Updates

Here at SoxProspects, we are always trying to think of new ways that we can bring content to our readers—and to listeners of our podcast. In our most recent edition of the SoxProspects Podcast, we announced our newest feature: Patreon Game Updates.

We'll be introducing this feature next week as a pilot program. The series will feature short audio recaps of games scouted in person by staff members, and it will be exclusive to our Patrons on Patreon.com who pledge $2 per episode and up. As we described on the most recent episode of the show, these short clips will give us the opportunity to provide our Patrons with detailed updates that expand beyond what we feature on the podcast itself. 

For example, on a given night, Chris might go deep into the starting pitcher's pitch count, what was working, what wasn't, details from at-bats, and the like. Or Ian might get into more details on at-bats by a certain hitter or hitters that night, analyzing more minutiae than we have time to do on the regular show.

Will the podcast itself change at all? No. We will still have the same content you've come to expect in the podcast proper, and the podcast itself will remain free. The Patreon Game Updates will be extra content for our Patreon supporters at the $2 level and up (Patrons will not be charged for this content), and their addition won't keep us from discussing at least some of the same stuff in a later episode of the Podcast. However, our supporters on Patreon will simply get access to some of this content sooner, fresh from the field, usually the same night as the game we saw.

We plan to debut this new feature during our staff trip to Spring Training next week! After each day's games, we'll upload a short clip to Patreon describing highlights from the day. We may each do one, as there is a lot to see on the back fields as our long-time listeners must know. As stated above, this will be a pilot program as we work out the kinks, but we're very excited about it. 

Again, to become a supporter of the SoxProspects Podcast and of SoxProspects.com and gain access to the Patreon Game Updates, head over to Patreon.com/SoxProspects. If you're considering becoming a Patron, keep in mind we typically record about 18-25 podcasts each year, and pledges are made per-episode. There are other perks to being a Patron, and we welcome feedback as we continue tweaking the program.

Thanks for your support!

Chris, Ian, and Mike