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May 9, 2017 at 6:41 AM

Podcast Ep. #118: Ehhh, You're Not That Funny (FIXED)

UPDATE: There was a technical error the first time we uploaded the podcast that cut the last 5-10 minutes from the end of the episode. This has now been fixed. Sorry about that!

The partners in crime, Chris and Ian, have the SoxProspects virtual podcast studio all to themselves. They break down the decision to hold off on rushing Rafael Devers to Boston. They go over why it's Kyle Kendrick and not Brian Johnson or Henry Owens replacing Steven Wright. Plus an in-depth overview of the 2-8 scouting scale, how options work and some speculation on why so many pitchers in the system are mowing guys down. Plus, it's mailbag emptying time.

Listen In!

Podcast Show Notes

2:00 - Intros, Housekeeping, email us and Remeber to check us out on Patreon.
4:30 - Breaking News: Rafael Devers is really good. Why isn't he in Boston?
18:00 - More News: Steven Wright is done, Why wasn't my favorite SoxProspect pitcher promoted instead of Kyle Kendrick?
20:30 - System Promotion Update - Mission Accomplished #FreeAneury
26:30 - Congrats to Shaun Anderson and Austin Rei - SoxProspects' Pitcher and Player of the month
31:30 - Questions from the SoxProspects crew
42:00 - Looking ahead to the July 1 International Signing Period
48:30 - Mailbag time!

Got a question? It's time to refill our now empty mailbag. Your question matters, so Email us. Great questions and keep them coming.

Prospects mentioned at length:
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