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October 5, 2015 at 7:30 AM

The Write-Up: Logan Allen, Travis Lakins, William Cuevas and Yankory Pimentel

LOWELL, Mass. and PAWTUCKET, R.I. -- Over the last few weeks of the season, Assistant Director of Scouting Chaz Fiorino took in several Lowell Spinners and Pawtucket Red Sox games. The following are his reports on four players, including two top picks from this years draft and two less-heralded international arms.

Age: 18

Born: April 23, 1997
, Fletcher, NC

Height: 6-3

Weight: 200

Bats: Right


Drafted: 8th round, 2015

How Acquired: Draft High School: IMG Academy (FL)

Date Seen: 
9/6/15 - 4.1ip, 6h, 1er, 0bb, 2k, 75p-50s (66%); 12/20 first-pitch strikes (60%)

Physical Description - Strong frame; filled-out throughout; baby-faced.

Arm/Delivery Mechanics - Easy; no-wind-up delivery; pitches from middle of the rubber; hands set at chest height; short arm in back; slight back tilt in delivery; stays on line; repeats delivery.

Future Grades

Fastball (55) - 88-92 mph; shows feel to work to both sides of the plate; advanced feel and control at young age; command within the zone will need to improve.

Curveball (50) - 74-78 mph; slurvy at present; lacks bite; advanced feel at young age and confidence to throw in any count.

Changeup (50) - 78-81 mph; inconsistent at present; flashed average potential and fade when located down and away to right-handed hitters; confidence to throw early in counts; advanced feel and confidence for age.

Summation – Young, advanced, left-handed pitcher with strong pitcher’s frame and three-pitch mix. Simple and repeatable delivery. Has present ability to throw strikes with fastball, curveball, change-up combination. Has the tools, body and polish coming into pro ball at a young age that player development will love to work with. Could lack put-away pitch at higher levels to miss bats, which could limit ceiling. Potential future middle-to-back end type starter.

Age: 21

Born: June 29, 1994, 
Franklin, OH

Height: 6-1

Weight: 180

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Drafted: 6th round, 2015

How Acquired: Draft

College: Ohio State

High School: Franklin HS (OH)

Date Seen: 
9/5/15 - 2ip, 0h, 0er, 1bb, 3k, 27p-16s (59%); 7 swing-and-misses (4 FB, 3 CH); 4/7 first-pitch strikes.

Physical Description -  Athletic; skinny; room for added strength.

Arm/Delivery Mechanics - Repeatable delivery; glove set tucked on left side of chest; glove meets right hand just above the belt as he pivots into delivery; short arm action in back; hides ball well. Three-quarters arm slot with quick arm; stays on line to the plate.

Future Grades

Fastball (55) - 91-93 mph; most 92-93 mph; occasional arm-side run when down in zone. Needs to improve command and control down in the zone. Could add a tick or two to fastball velocity with physical maturity.

Curveball (60) - 75-76 mph; threw two that showed two-plane, hard snap with tight rotation, flashing as a plus offering. Threw one at 70 mph that was flat and backed up on him.

Changeup (60) - 83-86 mph; threw four, eliciting three swing-and-misses; located well down in the zone with late dive away from left-handed hitters; doubled up on the pitch; good feel.

Summation - 21-year-old, right-handed pitcher flashed three potential plus offerings in two-inning look. Lean, undersized frame currently profiles best as a reliever. Room for added strength; could add a tick or two on fastball. Overall consistency of arsenal and fastball command and control will be key going forward.

Age: 24

Born: October 14, 1990
, Turmero, VZ

Height: 6-1
Weight: 170

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Drafted: Not drafted

How Acquired: International free agent (July 2008)

Date Seen: 
9/7/15 - 6ip, 4h, 1er, 1bb, 3k, 88p-59s (67%), 10 swing-and-misses (7 FB, 2 CH, 1 CB)

Physical Description - Lean; athletic bodied; room for added strength.

Arm/Delivery Mechanics - Hands set at chest; drops hands to belt as he enters delivery in fluid motion; hides ball well; three-quarters arm slot; pitches from third base side of rubber; good arm speed; repeated delivery. 

Present/Future Grades

Fastball (45/45) - 86-91 mph; some sink down in zone at lower velocity 86-88 mph. Located well.  

Curveball (45/50) - 75-78 mph; slurvy; inconsistent; thrown to both right handed-hitters and backdoor to left-handed hitters; had confidence in pitch and threw in any count. 

Changeup (50/50) - 78-81 mph - Thrown with solid arm speed; doubled up; average fade action at its best.

Summation – Athletic, right-handed pitcher with three-pitch mix. Strike-throwing ability; confidence to throw secondaries in any count; lack of swing-and-miss offerings and below-average grade fastball limit ceiling; possible late bloomer physically to add strength and tick on fastball; current spot starter potential; chance to emerge as fringe back-end starter. 

Age: 21

Born: September 29, 1993
, Santo Domingo, DR

Height: 6-2

Weight: 210

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Drafted: Not drafted

How Acquired: International 
free agent (October 2011)

Date Seen: 
9/6/15 - 1ip, 0h, 0er, 0bb, 2k, 15p-10s (66%)

Physical Description - Athletic, medium build; not much physical projection. 

Arm/Delivery Mechanics - Works from first-base side of rubber; hands set at shoulder height; no wind-up as he pivots into delivery; three-quarters arm slot.

Future Grades
Fastball (65) - 93-96 mph; most 94-96; late life; some cut action; velocity has ticked up from Spring Training, where he was 91-94 mph. Throws strikes.

Slider (60) - 87-88 mph; tight rotation, late tilt; velocity has ticked up from Spring Training, where he was 84-86 mph. Ability to throw for strikes and elicit swing-and-misses both within and out of the zone.

Summation - Intriguing bullpen arm; two above-average-grade pitch mix with ability to throw strikes with both offerings and elicit swing-and-misses. Far too advanced for current level; should be fast tracked.

Photo credit: Logan Allen by Dave Letizi; Travis Lakins from ohiostatebuckeyes.com; William Cuevas and Yankory Pimentel by Kelly O'Connor

Chaz Fiorino is Assistant Director of Scouting for SoxProspects.com. Follow him on Twitter @cbfiorino.