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June 7, 2014 at 7:34 PM

2014 Draft Recap: How Boston's picks ranked

In 2014, the Red Sox departed from past strategy, selecting only two college seniors in the first ten rounds. Typically, Boston (and other teams for that matter) will select a handful of seniors on the second day with the intention of signing them to below-slot deal and using the savings to sign other players taken in the first 10 rounds. However, 2014 saw a decrease in high-risk, signability players outside the first 10, as the Sox selected only 12 high school players in rounds 11-40, compared to 19 in 2013.

All told, the Red Sox selected 19 players who were ranked in either the Baseball America Top 500 or in the Perfect Game Top 300, only a notch below the 20 ranked players they selected last year, despite having one more pick in the first 10 rounds. Furthermore, after selecting 19 players who appeared in BA's Top 500 and 11 in the PG Top 300 in 2013, the Sox took 15 players who appeared on BA's list and 14 from PG's.

Below is a list of the Red Sox draft selections ranked by either BA or PG. For the rest of Boston's selections, head on over to the SoxProspects.com Draft History

Round-Pick: Player, Position (Rank)

1-26: Michael Chavis, SS (BA: 26, PG: 20)
1-33: Michael Kopech, RHP (BA: 37, PG: 48)
2-66: Sam Travis, 1B (BA: 56, PG: 66)
3-103: Jake Cosart, RHP (BA: 97, PG: 102)
6-194: Danny Mars, CF (BA: 338, PG: 200)
7-224: Reed Reilly, RHP (BA: 181, PG: 229)
8-254: Ben Moore, C (BA: 315)
11-344: Karsten Whitson, RHP (BA: 290, PG: 140)
12-374: Jalen Beeks, LHP (BA: 125)
13-404: Chandler Shepherd, RHP (BA: 372, PG: 286)
15-464: Trenton Kemp, CF (BA: 337)
20-614: Devon Fisher, C (BA: 194, PG: 177)
21-644: Ian Rice, C (BA: 303)
22-674: J.J. Matijevic, SS (BA: 180, PG: 144)
26-794: Ryan Harris, RHP (PG: 189)
28-854: David Peterson, LHP (PG: 223)
29-884: Josh Pennington, RHP (BA: 401)
30-914: Jeren Kendall, CF (BA: 88, PG: 92)
32-974: Case Rolen, RHP (PG: 298)
33-1004: Luis Alvarado, RF (BA: 493)