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June 8, 2013 at 7:46 PM

2013 Draft Recap: How the Red Sox picks ranked

The 2013 draft saw a similar strategy as last year play out for the Red Sox in the top ten rounds, as many college seniors were taken in the second half of those rounds with the idea of offering them below-slot deals and spending the allotted money elsewhere. However, we saw a jump in the high-risk, signability picks taken after those first ten rounds as compared to last year, which was the first draft under the current system. 

In total, the team took 20 players ranked either in the Baseball America Top 500 or the Perfect Game Top 250, a step up from the 13 total they selected from either list last year, despite having two less picks in the first round and overall. Breaking it down further, in 2012 the Red Sox took 12 players ranked in BA's Top 500, and 10 in PG's Top 250. This season those numbers increased to 19 and 11, respectively. Of course, all that will ultimately matter is how many of them end up signing, and in all likelihood several will not.

Below is a complete list of the Red Sox draft selections ranked by either BA or PG.

Round-Pick: Player, Position (Rank)
1-7: Trey Ball, LHP (BA 9, PG 12)
2-45: Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP (BA 77, PG 76)
3-81: Jon Denney, C (BA 25, PG 23)
4-113: Myles Smith, RHP (BA 108, PG 105)
5-143: Corey Littrell, LHP (BA 130, PG 97)
7-203: Mike Adams, LHP (BA 351)
11-323: Carlos Asuaje, SS (BA 208)
13-383: Jordan Sheffield, RHP (BA 88, PG 217)
14-413: Jake Romanski, C (BA 485)
16-473: Jalen Williams, RHP (BA 352)
17-503: Joseph Monge, RF (BA 451)
18-533: Joe Gunkel, RHP (PG 248)
19-563: Gabe Speier, LHP (BA 265)
20-593: Derek Burkamper, RHP (BA 302)
22-653: Ryan Boldt, CF (BA 58, PG 45)
23-683: Jimmy Allen, 2B (BA 300)
27-803: Mark Nowaczewsk, RHP (BA 440)
30-893: Nick Longhi, OF (BA 296, PG 146) 
32-953: Matthew Thaiss, C (BA 224, PG 235)
38-1133: Trever Morrison, SS (BA 139, PG 159)

Matt Huegel is Managing Editor for SoxProspects.com. Follow him on Twitter @MattHuegelSP.