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April 23, 2013 at 7:39 PM

ESPN Boston: System's top tools

Industry scouts grade a prospect's tools on the 20-80 scale, where 20 is poor, 30 is well-below major league average, 40 is "fringe-average," 50 is major league average, 55 is referred to as "solid-average," 60 is above-average (or "plus"), 70 is well above-average (or "plus-plus"), and 80 is elite (80 grades are rarely handed out). For prospects, a 50 is actually a very good grade, as it's an impressive accomplishment to profile as major league average in any given tool. 

Here's a look at the players with the best tools in the Red Sox minor league system, as graded by the scouting staff. Note that this list omits minor leaguers who have graduated from prospect status such as Rubby De La RosaDaniel Bard and Ryan Lavarnway

Check out the full column on ESPN Boston.

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