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March 13, 2013 at 9:11 PM

Sox minor leaguers begin spring-training games

While the players in major league camp enjoyed a day off on Wednesday, their teammates over on the minor-league side commenced their spring schedule with each club facing the affiliates of the Minnesota Twins. After the jump, you will find the full minor league schedule.

Noted on the schedule is whether the Triple-A and Double-A teams, or the High A, Low A, and Short-Season A teams are at home. Early on, many players will see action a level or two higher than they are expected to begin the regular season, since much of the actual Pawtucket lineup is in MLB camp. Hence, the "Portland" roster on a given day, particularly early on in camp, could be comprised mostly of players who will begin the year in Salem. Once more players are sent down from major league camp, which sits at 51 players after the Red Sox' latest cuts, minor league camp will begin to shape into what we should expect come April, but for now these teams will be far different from what we will see during the season.

For our readers planning a trip to the minor league complex, note that all games begin at 1:00 p.m.

DATE                          OPPONENT                             HOME                          AWAY
Wed. March 13            Twins                                        AAA/AA                    A/Rookie
Thur. March 14            Twins                                        A/Rookie                     AAA/AA
Fri. March 15               Orioles                                      A/Rookie                    AAA/AA
Sat. March 16               Rays                                        AAA/AA                      A/Rookie
Sun. March 17             CAMP DAY 
Mon. March 18             Twins                                       AAA/AA                      A/Rookie
Tues. March 19             Twins                                      A/Rookie                      AAA/AA
Wed. March 20             Orioles                                    A/Rookie                      AAA/AA
Thur. March 21              Rays                                       AAA/AA                       A/Rookie
Fri. March 22                Twins                                     A/Rookie                       AAA/AA
Sat. March 23                Twins                                     AAA/AA                       A/Rookie
Sun. March 24              CAMP DAY
Mon. March 25             Orioles                                   AAA/AA                        A/Rookie
Tues. March 26             Rays                                       A/Rookie                        AAA/AA
Wed. March 27              Twins                                     AAA/AA                        A/Rookie
Thurs. March 28            Twins                                     A/Rookie                        AAA/AA
Fri. March 29                 Rays                                       AAA/AA                        A/Rookie
Sat. March 30                Twins                                     A/Rookie                        AAA/AA
Sun. March 31              CAMP DAY