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SoxProspects News

February 10, 2013 at 6:30 PM

SoxProspects.com Prospect Scouting Scale revamped

We'd like to announce a change to our Prospects Scouting Scale. The scale had previously been based on a unique 1-10 system, but will now fall more in line with the industry standard 20-80 scale.

The application of this scale is visible in the right column of the prospect rankings on the Home page. It quantifies the player's current major league projection, floor, and realistic ceiling. This chart provides greater detail and examples:

For more information on the scale, take a look at our About Us page.

Additionally, you'll notice that we revamped our menus across the site to make them more mobile device friendly. The new menus should also bring more attention to parts of the site that weren't always as visible as we would have liked.