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SoxProspects News

January 18, 2012 at 7:41 AM

Help Wanted: Web/Content Developer

Help Wanted: Web/Content Developer

Position Overview: We're looking for a volunteer web content developer to join the SoxProspects.com staff through at least December 2012. The primary responsibility of the position will be developing player pages for new players as they enter the Red Sox minor league system. This job will involve a little bit of commitment, as creation of each player page can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your skills and depending on the scope of the player's background.  On average, the system tends to add about 0-1 players per week during slow time periods, 1-3 players per week during regular time periods (which is most of the time), and larger amounts during heavy periods such as the draft or minor league free agency.  We will train whoever gets this position from the ground up on our style guides and the best places to find all of the requisite information.  While this position will not be responsible for the creation of every new player page, hopefully the new hiree will take responsibility for creating a large portion of the new pages. This is a great opportunity for an aspiring web/content developer to gain some experience and exposure in the sports industry.

Although this is a volunteer position, we evaluate applications based on their professionalism, attention to detail, and merits as if this were a paid job, so please approach your initial email application accordingly. Familiarity with the site is a plus, but level of fandom of the Red Sox will not really be a consideration.

Basic Requirements 
  • Looking for a one-year commitment from January through at least December 2012
  • Some experience with HTML or web editing programs
  • Some familiarity with Adobe Photoshop (preference if the applicant has his/her own copy)
  • Attention to detail.  Every player page has countless bits of data, stats, reports, and intricate design elements that we need to keep consistent to the greatest extent possible
  • A perfunctory understanding of (or willingness to learn): formulas for primary baseball stats, player options, MLB service time calculations, minor league free agency, and Rule 5 eligibility
  • Solid writing skills, ability to draft and compile cursory scouting reports from available data (which will later be updated by the scouting department using first-hand data)
  • Professional attitude and demeanor 
  • The ability and availability to create player pages within a timely manner of each acquisition, preferably within 24 hours (outside of normal vacations and other important personal responsibilities)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Age 18+

This is an unpaid opportunity, as are all the positions on the SoxProspects Staff. However, there are a few nice perks, including access to insider information, invitations to staff events (including occasional games), and networking opportunities.

Selection Process
If interested, please email mike@soxprospects.com by 2:00 PM ET on January 25, 2012. Please provide a list of relevant skills and experience with respect to the position. A resume is not required, but can't hurt either.  We look forward to hearing from you! We hope to make some decisions in early February.