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June 1, 2010 at 6:00 AM

Red Sox Draft Preview: Part 1

It’s that time of year again for prospect-followers, as the MLB First-Year Player Draft gets underway in less than a week on the evening of Monday, June 7. The first round of the draft will kick off at 7:00 pm ET from Studio 42 at MLB Network in Secaucus, N.J., broadcast live on the MLB Network and MLB.com. Day one will include the first round and the supplemental compensation round, with the time between picks set to five minutes for the first round and one minute for the supplemental round. Day two will start at noon on June 8, covering rounds 2 through 30, and day three will kick off at noon on June 9, covering rounds 31 through 50. Days two and three will be exclusively covered on MLB.com.

This year’s draft will be notable for the Red Sox for two reasons. Primarily, it will be the first draft captained by Amiel Sawdaye, Boston’s new director of amateur scouting. Sawdaye took the helm of the scouting department in January after spending five years as assistant director behind Jason McLeod, who departed to become San Diego’s assistant general manager in December. Additionally, the Sox will have four selections in the first 57 picks, starting with number 20, Boston’s highest pick since 2003.

Here on SoxProspects.com, we will bring you pre-draft coverage all week leading up to June 7, this being the first of a seven-installment draft preview. You can also follow the draft itself here, as there will be live coverage of the Red Sox’ selections on SoxProspects News, the Draft History page, and the SoxProspects Twitter page, as well as a mini-Podcast following Day One.

First Round Order

1. Washington
2. Pittsburgh
3. Baltimore
4. Kansas City
5. Cleveland
6. Arizona
7. NY Mets
8. Houston
9. San Diego
10. Oakland
11. Toronto
12. Cincinnati
13. Chicago (AL)
14. Milwaukee
15. Texas (for failure to sign 2009 draftee Matt Purke 14th overall)
16. Chicago (NL)
17. Tampa Bay
18. Los Angeles (AL) (from Seattle for Chone Figgins)
19. Houston (from Detroit for Jose Valverde)
20. Boston (from Atlanta for Billy Wagner)
21. Minnesota
22. Texas
23. Florida
24. San Francisco
25. St. Louis
26. Colorado
27. Philadelphia
28. Los Angeles (NL)
29. Los Angeles (AL) (from Boston for John Lackey)
30. Los Angeles (AL)
31. Tampa Bay (for failure to sign 2009 draftee LeVon Washington)
32. New York (AL)

Red Sox Selections

Day One
20. First-round compensation pick for Billy Wagner, from Atlanta
36. Supplemental-round compensation pick for Jason Bay
39. Supplemental-round compensation pick for Billy Wagner

Day Two
57. Second-round compensation pick for Jason Bay, from New York (NL)
110. Third-round pick
143. Fourth-round pick
175. Fifth-round pick
28th selection in rounds 6-30

Day Three
28th selection in rounds 31-50

Lost Picks
29. Compensation sent from Boston to Los Angeles (AL) for signing John Lackey
80. Compensation sent from Boston to Toronto for signing Marco Scutaro

Most Recent Selections at #20 Overall
2009. Stephen Jenkins (RHP, Blue Jays)
2008. Joshua Fields (RHP, Mariners)
2007. Chris Withrow (RHP, Dodgers)
2006. Chris Parmelee (1B, Twins)
2005. Mark Pawelek (LHP, Cubs)
2004. Trevor Plouffe (SS, Twins)
2003. Chad Cordero (RHP, Expos)
2002. Denard Span (OF, Twins)
2001. Jeremy Sowers (LHP, Indians)
2000. Chris Bootcheck (RHP, Angels)

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