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June 24, 2008 at 2:32 PM

Q&A with Stolmy Pimentel

An 18-year-old native of the Dominican Republic, Stolmy Pimentel is the youngest player on the Lowell Spinners’ roster. A right-handed pitcher who was signed by the Red Sox at the age of 16, Pimentel spent last season in the Dominican Summer League where he was named the organization’s Latin Pitcher of the Year. Pimentel is pitching in the United States for the first time in 2008. He made his domestic debut on June 20, striking out six, allowing two earned runs over five innings.

David Laurila: How would you describe yourself as a pitcher?
Stolmy Pimentel
: As a pitcher, I always like to stay positive before games and during games. I’m always working hard and ready to throw strikes. My best pitch is my fastball, and I also throw a curveball, a sinker, and a changeup.

DL: What does the Red Sox organization most want you to focus on?
: They want me to work on my control.

DL: How difficult has it been to acclimate yourself to American culture and learn to speak English?
: I like it here, and think that it is important to learn the language so I can understand and communicate with teammates and everyone else. I started learning English two years ago.

DL: Besides language, what are the most difficult adjustments for you living in the United States?
: The most difficult thing is feeling alone, because I’m very far away from family and friends at home. The food is very different here, without as much flavor. The people are more respectful and polite here, always saying please and thank you. They also respect personal space more and don’t touch each other as much.

DL: You were only 16 years old when you signed with the Red Sox. What was that experience like?
: I went out and pitched, and they saw me when I was young. They were impressed that I was young and had speed, that I had a good fastball. That’s when they started to get interested in me. The Red Sox were the only team I practiced with.

Thanks to Jenn VandenAkker of the Spinners staff for interpreting the interview.